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​Basic Services:

1. Care and supervision.

2.  Safe and healthful living accommodations and services. 

3. Three nutritionally well-balanced meals and snacks made available daily,   including low salt or other modified diets prescribed by a doctor as a             medical necessity.

4. Personal assistance and care as needed by the resident and as indicated in the pre-admission appraisal, with those activities of daily living such as dressing, eating, bathing, and assistance with taking prescribed medications.

5. Regular observation of the resident's physical and mental condition.

6. Arrangements to meet health needs, including arranging transportation to and from annual medical and dental appointments.

7. A planned activities program which includes social and recreational activities appropriate to the interests and capabilities of the resident.


Additional Services:

1.  Beauty & Barber Services.

2. Chaplain / Volunteer Services.

3. Mobile Doctors & Physical Therapy upon insurance approval.

4. Occasional Outings.

5. Respite Care  depending on bed availability.

6. Transportation.

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